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Falls Can Leave You Reeling

You walk across the grocery store parking lot. It has not been repaved in years, and the rain this year was especially rough on it. The cart catches in a crack and you are sent tumbling. All of your groceries spill, and in the moments after the fall, laying on the warm pavement, you feel pain in your ankle. You know your ankle is broken.

When the average person thinks of a slip and fall, they likely think of someone who is older, with fragile bones and who probably needs in-home care. They do not necessarily think of themselves. But thousands of injuries happen every year because of falls, and the consequences can be serious.

In the wake of a fall you may find yourself dealing with head injuries, broken bones, chronic muscle pain and more. It can even lead to death.

Types Of Falls That Lead To Compensation

Many people call our office unsure if their pain and injury is able to qualify for a personal injury suit. Some common examples of falls that can be eligible for compensation include:

  • Falling on uneven steps or when a handrail is not present
  • Failure to meet building codes
  • Unlabeled slick areas, like spills or unstable rocky ground
  • Leaving a rug unsecured or displaced in an area where people are likely to slip

Property owners are liable for injuries sustained when people fall on their premises because of a condition they should have known about. This can be as simple as not having put up signs where a spill has occurred or failing to maintain property.

Why Hiring A Lawyer Is The Right Choice

We all know how powerful business and insurance companies can be. We know that sometimes, you need to fight to get what you should be given. Californians are tough, and you need a legal team that is just as tough as you are. To have our attorney work on your case, you can set up a free consultation. We will discuss the specifics of your case and start planning to get you the compensation you deserve.

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