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Motorcyclists Are At High Risk For Injury

The highway is freedom. On your motorcycle, riding into the wind with your face and the leather of your bike warm from the sun is heaven. But it comes at a price.

As a motorcyclist, you are significantly more likely to suffer from:

  • Major head injuries and brain trauma
  • Broken bones and compound fractures
  • Organ injuries and internal bleeding
  • Neck and back injuries

You have a right to the road, and you have a right to file for damages and compensation.

You are more likely than the average motorist to need serious medical intervention and long-term care when you are in an accident. Being in California makes you much more likely to be in an accident.

The Law Offices of Payam Y. Poursalimi, APC, represents motorcyclists in Beverly Hills and throughout Los Angeles County, Southern California, Northern California and Riverside. We will fight to make sure you get the care and compensation you are owed.

“I Didn’t See You” Is Not An Excuse

Motorcyclists have a right to be on the roads. Another driver’s inattention or distraction is not an excuse for harming you. If you are scared that you can be denied compensation because “motorcycles are just more dangerous” or “you came out of nowhere,” stop worrying. We are here to represent you, and we will stand by your side throughout this process.

We also often hear people who come to us ask about lane sharing and if that disqualifies them from getting an insurance settlement. It does not. There are many cases where lane sharing is acceptable and it does not mean that another driver is excused from hitting you.

Work With A Lawyer Who Sees You

Our staff and attorney are dedicated to making sure people are properly compensated. We do not settle for less than you deserve. We can help you total the full amount of your needs and advocate for you with insurance companies. We are not afraid to take them to court.

To work with us, you can set up a free consultation. Reach our Beverly Hills office either by sending us an email or by dialing 323-782-9927 or
877-PAYAMLA (877-729-2652). Our office serves all of Los Angeles County, as well as Northern California, Southern California and Riverside.