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Top Burglary Lawyer

Do you need an experienced Beverly Hills Burglary Lawyer? Call the Law Offices of Payam Y. Poursalimi now for immediate assistance from a dedicated attorney in the Beverly Hills and greater Los Angeles Area. While our team of attorneys is experienced in many different areas of law, we have the knowledge, resources and experience to handle your criminal defense needs in a highly effective manner.

Burglary in Los Angeles

California Penal Code Section 460 defines burglary as entering a structure with the intent to commit a felony or petty theft once inside. While the definition of burglary is straightforward, the process of prosecuting alleged offenders and securing a conviction can be complicated. In addition to the complexities of the law, the prosecuting attorney faces challenges in gathering evidence and presenting a strong case to the jury.

Penalties for Burglary Convictions

The penalties for a burglary conviction are determined by the circumstances of the crime. A first offense burglary conviction carries a sentence of up to three years in state prison. Penalties increase to as much as five years in prison for a second offense.

Defending Yourself Against Burglary Charges

Defendants who are facing burglary charges almost always need a Beverly Hills burglary lawyer. The prosecution has the burden of proving that the defendant did not have permission to enter the structure.

There are many common ways that an accused burglar may argue his or her innocence. One factor that can be used in the defendant’s favor is the issue of intent. If a defendant did not intend to commit a crime once inside the structure, he or she should not be convicted of burglary.

Another possible defense is that the defendant did not enter the structure at all. While this defense may be more difficult to prove, it is feasible in some cases.

Our Beverly Hills burglary lawyers understand the ins and outs of Beverly Hills burglary law and we will work diligently to defend your rights and your freedom. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. 



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