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Commonly Asked Questions

What would you do if you were in a construction accident?

If you were involved in a construction accident thing to do is as simple as not moving, evaluating your injury and the best course of action. The next step is to document everything: take pictures of where you were injured and of faulty grounds or equipment that might have caused your injury. Next, make sure to get any name of those who might have witnessed your injury, have complained previously about potential injury or anything that might help in identifying the construction area as unsafe. Lastly, reach out to an attorney specializing with construction accidents and has demonstrated results in bringing settlements to those injured in such accidents. The Law Offices of Payam Y. Poursalimi has been a top construction accident attorney for the Beverly Hills & Los Angeles community for years and a proven track record of defending those injured in construction accidents.

How much is a construction accident lawyer?

At The Law Offices of Payam Y. Poursalimi, we believe that construction accident victims have been through enough, they do not need to be nickel and dimed with upfront fees. We practice 100% contingency which means nothing is out of pocket to the injured and we only win when you win. Why? Because we believe we are the best and our settlement record can go head to head with any construction accident attorney in the country.

When should I contact a construction accident lawyer?

You should contact a construction accident lawyer as soon as you can after the injury. The sooner the better as they can help with getting you the right doctors, medical experts and testimonials from those who were there or have faces similar unsafe conditions.

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