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When California truck accidents occur, it is often the smaller vehicle (and its inhabitants) that suffers the most. That is bad news for passenger vehicles that engage with larger vehicles such as vans, trucks and semis.

Government statistics show that large trucks and buses involved in fatal collisions are again on the upward trend across the nation and in California.

Fatalities nationwide

According to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Division, the U.S. in 2017 recorded 4,889 fatal crashes that involved trucks and buses. This represented a significant increase from 2016, and continued a trend that began in 2009. Looking back even further, though, government statistics show that large trucks and bus fatalities reached a peak in 2005.

Perhaps surprisingly, most fatal crashes (91%) involving large trucks and buses only had one fatality. Perhaps not a surprise, 82% of the fatalities occurred to the driver or passenger of the other vehicle. When it came to work zone fatalities, 30% involved at least one large truck. Most fatalities happened between a large truck and another motor vehicle, yet single-vehicle crashes (often involving pedestrians or bicyclists) represented 20% of the total.

Fatalities in California

According to FMCSD statistics for 2017, updated in May of 2019, California and Texas recorded the highest number of large truck and bus fatalities. As this number climbs, is it essential that drivers focus on how they can be safe behind the wheel.

Commercial drivers are often hauling a large and awkward load which increases how long they have to react to changes in traffic. If you drive a passenger vehicle, try to give semis and large buses a lot of room and stay out of blind spots.

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