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Motorists in Beverly Hills and around the country often put their lives on the line. Regardless of how careful drivers are, there’s no telling when they might encounter reckless or negligent drivers. Many victims of car accidents suffer catastrophic injuries like traumatic brain injuries, which change their lives forever.

Different types of TBIs

TBI involves a chain of events that determines the severity of the damage. The location and level of damage, and the time-lapse between the injury and the treatment are crucial, regardless of whether the patient loses consciousness. A closed head injury, one of three types of TBI, is often overlooked because there is no bleeding. However, the rapid movement of the head due to the impact of a collision causes the brain to twist and collide against the skull, often causing nerve fiber damage and internal bleeding.

A penetrating head injury is less common in a car accident, though it’s more common in assaults involving knives and guns, and also extreme sports. An open head wound causes damage in a restricted area, and the prognosis is usually better than for closed head wounds in which multiple areas of the brain can be damaged. The third type of TBI is a crushing injury, which occurs when the head is crushed between two objects. This type of trauma typically causes damage to the base of the skull and the brain stem.

The consequences of TBIs

Each brain injury is unique, and the consequences depend on the area of trauma and the severity of the damage, though multiple aspects of the lives of brain injury victims of car accidents could be affected. Some may not be able to return to work, and medical treatment and therapy could be required for an extended period. Medical bills, lost income and other expenses could cause havoc in their financial stability. With the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney, victims in Beverley Hills could pursue damage recovery through the civil justice system of California.

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