While drunk driving is a popular subject to discuss for drivers in California, that is not the only danger motorists face on the road. Drivers that do not get enough sleep also have a high risk of causing an accident. Unfortunately, this is a major issue in the trucking industry and has led to multiple crashes and fatalities caused by drowsy truck drivers.

It’s important to understand how fatigue impacts truck drivers and how it affects the safety of everyone else on the road.

The dangers of drowsy driving

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has discussed the effects of driver fatigue in truckers. They highlight how tired drivers cannot pay full attention to the road or assess risks thoroughly and may not be able to respond quickly and appropriately to danger. They display similar road behavior to drunk or distracted drivers, and their behavior on the road all contributes to the possibility of a crash.

Why is it a more significant risk for truckers?

When a truck driver suffers from fatigue, it is even riskier than a regular driver. Why? Because of the size of the vehicle they drive. Trucks are enormous and heavy. They take up a lot of space on the road. When a truck crashes, it is very likely more than one other car will end up involved. The amount of damage a truck may cause is much more significant than damage from a passenger vehicle.

Not only that, but trucker culture contributes to the high rate of drowsy truck drivers. It is a big issue within the industry. Unfortunately, it is also an issue that affects everyone on the road. All drivers need to be aware of this for safety and more.

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