There are plenty of roads in California that offer space or separate lanes or bicyclists to safely ride along besides drivers. Unfortunately, you cannot always choose bike trails and roads with broad shoulders during your rides. In these moments, you have to take precautions to avoid an accident.

Sometimes, it is better to use an entire lane than to share a lane with a car. It is important to understand when using more of the lane is safer than using less.

Low visibility areas

Bicycles are small and do not make much noise, so they can be difficult to see. When you ride off to the side in low-visibility areas, it can be even easier to be too far outside of a driver’s peripheral vision.

Riding in areas where drivers will have a difficult time seeing you can be dangerous. When you take up more of the lane, you are more likely to be in the space where a driver would see another car.

Cars parked on the right

When drivers are getting out of their cars, they are looking for other vehicles; they are not necessarily looking for bicyclists.

A collision with a car door could mean serious injuries. If there are cars parked on your right, move further into the lane, so there is room for drivers to open their car doors.

Too close to pass

Narrow roads can be dangerous for bicyclists, but sometimes you cannot avoid them.

Drivers passing too closely could result in a crash. If there are narrow roads on your route and cars are passing you too closely, move closer to the center of the lane.

In most cases, it is safest to ride as far to the right as possible when riding your bike. When you need to be more visible, however, it is better to ride where drivers are more likely to see you. If you take all these precautions and still suffer from serious injuries, a motor vehicle accident attorney can help you seek compensation.

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