It seems that the more cell phones are capable of doing, the more we count on them throughout the day. The same devices that were only for time-sensitive conversations, now contain numerous ways to help us stay connected while distracted from the world around us.

While there have been plenty of warnings about the dangers of using the phone while driving, there haven’t been as much for pedestrians near the roads. Many people who walk down the street are frequently tempted to send a quick text message, change a song or make a phone call during their outdoor exercise. Not taking the right precautions can put you at high risk even if you aren’t behind the wheel. Here’s what you should consider before you take out your phone on your next walk:

Keep your head up

The biggest issue with using your phone while walking is that you are not watching where you are going, at least not consistently. While you may not be going fast, as you would in a car, you could step in front of someone else before they have time to stop.

It is essential to keep your head up and your eyes forward when you are walking. If you must use your phone while you are walking, try using a headset for conversations.

Also, avoid trying to send text messages while you walk. Even if you use voice recognition, the moments you are checking your message could spell disaster.

Stop if you need to

Now that phones are more common, you may have a new definition of what you consider an emergency that needs your immediate attention. Whether it is an obligation from work or a loved one, you may feel the need to respond to a message right away.

If you must respond to an urgent message, take a moment to stop and reply. Not only will you be able to answer more safely, but you can also take a moment to send your loved one a more thoughtful reply. Just be careful on where you choose to stop. Step away from the sidewalk and road to let more pedestrians nearby pass you and to be further away from potential negligent drivers.

While these precautions can help lower your chances of getting into a serious accident, it is still important to know who to contact in case you were hurt by a distracted driver or another pedestrian. Not everyone on the road is going to take these precautions, so it is important to stay alert.

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