The consequences of a catastrophic injury can be devastating. They can result in various conditions such as paralysis, amputation, loss of function or wrongful death. Determining the full cost of these injuries can take considerable effort.

The road to recovery can be long and painful. The compensation that follows an accident shapes how well a victim can recover from their injuries. However, there are a lot of factors that a settlement needs to reflect.

What does the court consider?

After a disastrous accident, victims have plenty to worry about both physically and financially. To ensure that the victim gets everything they need to make a full recovery, they take the following aspects surrounding the aftermath of the accident into consideration:

  • Current and future medical costs: The victim of a catastrophic car accident will almost certainly need to go to the hospital many times along their road to recovery. The first settlement that insurance companies offer likely will not reflect the costs of medical expenses years down the road.
  • Property damage: While the health of the victims of an accident should always be the main priority, recovering any damaged property like vehicles or anything else is still the responsibility of the liable party.
  • Pain and suffering: The responsible party of the accident needs to be accountable for its consequences.
  • Physical loss: When a victim suffers paralysis or amputation, they face a lifetime of missed opportunities. There is no replacement for the first dance at a wedding, or parents can play with their children.
  • Medical necessities: Life in a wheelchair calls for change. If a victim’s home is not wheelchair accessible, they may need to either install medical equipment to accommodate their new lifestyle or relocate entirely.

When a victim of an accident is focusing on their recovery, it can be hard to fight for the compensation they need to get the best possible outcome in their situation. A personal injury attorney can take up the fight on behalf of their client. With an attorney’s help, a victim can focus on their recovery while their lawyer focuses on their compensation.

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