Bicycling can be a great way to get around and enjoy the outdoors. Though it is typically a safe activity, a fun bike ride could turn into a severe injury when bicyclists and drivers do not pay attention.

While it may feel like second nature to put on your helmet before you ride your bike, it should be just as routine to replace your helmet after a crash.

A collision can do a lot of damage to a bike helmet. Here’s why you might need to replace it after a crash.

Check for cracks

If your head hits the ground during an accident, then you should consider replacing your helmet. Even if you do not see any damage, there could be small cracks in the foam or plastic that will not support you next time.

Inspect your helmet thoroughly for cracks or weak spots if you are in a crash and your head does not hit another object. It might still be safe to use if the helmet did not make an impact and does not have any visible damage.

Old helmets need to go, too

Some people go years without experiencing a bicycle accident. If you have not replaced your helmet in the last five to ten years, it might be time to replace it.

Over time, the foam and plastic start to degrade. Also, as different advancements are made, newer helmets can offer greater protection in a crash.

Wearing a helmet is essential to basic bike safety. Make sure your helmet is in good condition before going out for a ride.

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