Summer is an exciting time for children. Without a rigorous school schedule to keep them busy, there is more time to play outside with friends.

Unfortunately, small children often forget to look at the road before crossing the street. Whether they are chasing after a toy or are simply not paying attention, when more children are playing outside, there is more potential for an accident.

Here are a few ways to increase your awareness as you drive through the neighborhood.

Watch your speed

Slowing down is often the solution to preventing an accident in many situations; the same is true in your neighborhood. When you drive slower, you have more time to react to sudden changes, like children running into the street.

As you drive through your neighborhood, make an effort to reduce your speed. While watching for children is essential, you should also watch for events that tend to precede children, like a ball rolling toward the road.

Watch for patterns

Part of driving safely through your neighborhood is knowing what to expect. Even if you do not know your neighbors, watching for trends can help you anticipate accident areas.

When you are driving through your neighborhood, watch for which houses have children and pets. The children may stay in the yard most of the time, but it only takes one unusual incident for a child to run out into the street without looking.

When you watch your speed and look for patterns in your neighborhood, you can start building habits that will make you a safer driver.

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