Watch Out for Speedy Delivery Truck

Commercial trucking helps people get everything from pants to produce from all over the country. With same-day delivery services, like Amazon Prime, you expect your deliveries to be faster than ever.

When deliveries are not on time, clients may request refunds or stop using the service altogether. Rather than risk losing valuable clientele, suppliers put pressure on drivers to make sure deliveries are on time.

Here’s what to watch for when you are sharing the road with rushed delivery drivers.

Watch for tail-gaiters

You may know to watch the space between you and the vehicle in front of you, but you should also be aware of the person behind you. When the driver behind you is following too closely, you risk being the victim of a rear-end collision.

Commercial trucks, including parcel delivery trucks, tend to weigh more and need more time to stop. If you notice a large vehicle following you closely, try to increase the distance between you or change lanes. It only takes a moment for an inattentive driver to lose precious seconds to be able to brake in time.

Avoiding injury in intersections

With more delivery drivers on residential streets, you need to pay attention to everyone at the intersection. A large truck can do a lot of damage if the driver overlooks your vehicle.

When delivery drivers are in a hurry, they may only glance at the other vehicles in an intersection or they may forget to stop entirely. When you come to an intersection, try to pay attention to the other vehicles approaching. If you see a large truck approaching, be sure they see you before proceeding into the intersection.

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