Going for a stroll after work can be a great way to stay active and relax after a long day. Just because the days are getting shorter, however, does not mean you want to skip your evening walk.

When it gets dark outside, it gets more difficult for drivers to see people walking near the road. There are precautions you can take to make sure drivers can see you and so that your walk is as safe as possible.

Here’s what you should keep in mind as you plan your evening walk.

Aim for well-lit areas

Whether you are walking around your own neighborhood or adventuring to a new part of town, pay attention to whether there are street lights and lights from the surrounding businesses. Save areas that are not well-lit for the weekend or other times when you can walk during the day.

In addition to street lights, try to walk in areas where there are clear traffic controls for pedestrians and vehicles. These can help you know when it is safe to cross the street and serve as a reminder to drivers that people are walking in the area and may want to cross.

Dress for the dark

A well-lit area is not a pass to wear dark clothing out for your walk. Light-colored and reflective clothing is a significant help to make sure motorists can see you.

As you get ready to go for a walk try to wear colors that will be easy to see at night. If you do not have light-colored clothing, consider investing in a reflective vest for your nightly walks.

Drivers and walkers must help each other stay safe. Pedestrians can help motorists by walking in well-lit areas and wearing light-colored or reflective clothing.