There are too many baby or child products available that are unsafe or defective. Perhaps most troubling are the products parents buy specifically to keep their young one safe.

For instance, a recent report from The Washington Post reports that knockoff car seats are making their way into U.S. markets, and they are putting our most vulnerable passengers at risk.

Knockoffs and defects

The article notes that parties often sell fake or unsafe car seats through online retailers. Some go through major companies like Amazon or Walmart, others come by way of individuals or international retailers.

These car seats typically do not meet federal safety guidelines, which require car seats to have certain types of restraints, anchors, padding, structures, and other elements to keep a child safe in the event of a crash.

What can parents do to protect their children?

The most important step parents can take to protect children in the car is to use caution when purchasing a car seat. Look for important features that should show a car seat is legitimate and meets safety guidelines, including:

  • A registration card that goes back to the manufacturer
  • Stickers showing correct installation and usage
  • Labels indicating that it meets federal safety requirements
  • A clear, accurate brand name

You should also be sure that you purchase a car seat from a legitimate retailer and not an unknown third party. It is also advisable to purchase a car seat in person, if possible. This minimizes the risk of buying one thing and receiving another.

Unfortunately, the realization that a car seat is fake or defective may not come until after an accident, when it is too late. Under these catastrophic circumstances, parents may want to consult an attorney to determine if there are grounds to pursue legal action and compensation from the liable party.

If you are a parent who has recently purchased a car seat for your child, take some time to examine it before putting your child in it. Look for the features we mentioned above and go directly to the manufacturer if you have concerns that the product is a knockoff.

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