Segways can be a fun way for locals and tourists to spend time outside while exploring the city. It can be a great way to help visitors see the sights, even if they are not prepared to do much walking.

There are places all over the Beverly Hills area that offer tours. The people wearing helmets and smiles make these machines seem safe, but it is essential to understand the risks of riding Segways.

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Here’s what you should think about before taking your family on a Segway outing.

Who is tall enough to ride the ride?

Riding a Segway takes balance and coordination; both of which tend to improve with age. Although the Segway’s balance system is intended to be intuitive, it is not always safe for smaller riders.

If you are taking the whole family out for a tour, make sure everyone who will be driving a Segway is at least 100 pounds. Children (and smaller adults) may have a difficult time getting a Segway to stop since you must shift your weight back to stop.

Suiting up for safety

Riding a Segway may be an easy skill to learn, but there is always the potential for something to go wrong. As was the case when a cameraman lost control of his Segway and injured himself and runner, Usain Bolt, accidents can happen fast.

Take the time to learn the safety procedures and precautions before getting on a Segway. Most rental companies will require you to wear a helmet while you are riding. Take the time to make sure your helmet fits properly and has all the appropriate straps.

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