Every motor vehicle accident has the potential to be serious. However, there are some that are typically worse than others, such as accidents involving a commercial truck.

There are millions of commercial trucks on the road. These vehicles are massive, and they often cause catastrophic damage if they are involved in a crash. As such, it can be helpful for people to know what some of the most common causes of a truck accident are, and what people can do to avoid one.

Crashes caused by truckers

Truckers can cause an accident if they:

  • Do not have proper training
  • Suffer a medical event
  • Fall asleep
  • Use drugs or alcohol
  • Speed
  • Get distracted

If a trucker causes an accident for these reasons, he or she can be liable for damages. The trucking company that hired the driver could be liable as well.

Crashes caused by unsafe equipment

Even when people drive safely, their vehicle can trigger an accident if it is unsafe. Some examples of this might include:

  • Improper loading leading to shift in cargo
  • Malfunctioning brakes
  • Overloading
  • Insufficient warning devices
  • Tires with insufficient tread depth

Crashes caused by other motorists

Other motorists can also cause an accident with a truck. This can happen when passenger vehicle drivers:

  • Follow a truck too closely
  • Use drugs or alcohol
  • Get distracted
  • Swerve into a truck’s lane
  • Misjudging the speed of a truck when pulling in front of it

While it is not possible to prevent every truck accident from happening, especially those caused by a trucker or truck equipment, drivers and others on the road can reduce their risk by taking some simple precautions. This includes giving trucks plenty of room and staying alert when they are behind or next to you.

Thousands of people are killed in trucking accidents every year; many more suffer serious injuries. Determining the cause of each crash is crucial in holding the appropriate party accountable and getting dangerous vehicles and drivers off the road.

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