A fatal car accident in Vacaville has left one person dead and another in custody, according to local sources. The California Highway Patrol has confirmed the death of an unidentified driver after his vehicle was struck by a driver going the wrong way. That driver has been arrested on suspicion of DUI. As with many motor vehicle accidents causing injury or death, this one is still under investigation. 

According to the accident report, around 1:30 a.m. on the morning of Jan. 26, a vehicle headed the wrong way on Interstate 80 eastbound was involved in a collision with another car. The force of the impact injured both drivers, and they were taken to a local hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, the driver of the second car succumbed to injuries suffered in the accident and was pronounced dead later that day. 

The surviving driver is believed to have been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash. That individual was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. It is unclear whether that person remains in the hospital or in police custody at this time. No one else was in either vehicle at the time of the accident, and no other injuries were reported. 

Motor vehicle accidents that claim lives are tragic, and even more so when they are caused by a preventable factor like drunk driving. The individual arrested could lose his license and freedom if found guilty in criminal court. Separately, the family of the deceased driver is entitled under California law to file a wrongful death suit against the wrong-way driver in a civil court setting. Any police evidence showing the driver’s material contribution to the accident can be offered in court to support the civil suit.